Detailing is fast becoming a common phrase used by people simply cleaning their car, or offering high end valeting services – but what actually isdetailing? To the casual observer it appears to be an expensive car wash, however to the enthusiast it is much more.


The definition of car detailing is the systematic revival, conditioning, and protection of all vehicle surfaces, using various products and techniques. The end result of a ‘detail’ are show-quality levels of definition and cleanliness.

Below, Matt has comprised a list of the most common questions he’s encountered, and the answers. 

Paint correction is the process of removing common paint defects such as swirl marks, buffer trails, minor scratches, 3D holograms, and other more complex defects such as etching and orange peel. This is carried out by carefully re-levelling your vehicles paintwork by 2-3 microns at a time, leaving you with an optically clear finish so that your paintwork reflects the light perfectly, even in direct sunlight.

Valeting is based on low-cost wash and wax services aimed at the masses for high volume output. Such a service saves time, but at the expense of quality, and can often inflict damage to your vehicles paintwork and wheels due to poor techniques, and the harsh chemicals used to save time.

Detailing is for the connoisseur, for those passionate about their cars, and is based on the use of specialist skills and techniques such as paint correction, clay bar treatments, and incorporates the use of high quality products such as carnauba waxes and ceramic coatings. Such services are much more time consuming, and require a greater degree of skill to perform, thus they are costlier. As the value of used vehicles is largely determined by the condition of its bodywork, wheels, and interior, such work pays for itself come re-sale.

You would expect a brand-new car to look its best, but contrary to popular belief, this isn’t always the case. Despite being treated to a basic valet prior to handover (which may even cause paint damage due to poor wash techniques, using low quality products), dealerships do not have the time, budget, or skills to prepare your new vehicle to the highest standard.


Allowing Matt to take care of your new car delivery will make it an occasion to remember, and your vehicle will be presented to you in the best possible condition.

Matt is Magic Detail, there are no receptionists or employees, all the work carried out on your car is by Matt himself, therefore you have his personal guarantee that you and your car will receive the highest level of care, commitment, and professionalism. Add to this Matt’s passion, his raw talent, and his experience, you will be left with results that are magical in every sense of the word. 

Matt charges considerably less than a main dealership does for car servicing, repair, or maintenance. You should consider that the skill set involved is at the same level, making his services excellent value for money.


Less than £1000’s worth of paint correction can save you the cost of full respray – a freshly detailed car will also achieve a higher asking price during re-sale. Plus, there’s nothing better than a defect free paint finish to revive the passion for your car again!

Matt primarily works from his home-based studio in Altrincham, Cheshire. However, if suitable cover from the elements can be provided, along with access to water and electricity, he’s more than prepared to travel for an additional fee.


10 Widgeon Road, Broadheath,

Altrincham, WA14 5NP